Small Business Web Hosting Australia

I was recently checking around for a good friend who was looking for the best small business web hosting in Australia. There are alot of great web hosts out there is one thing I came away recognising. The other important take away from my research into small business hosting in Australia, was that I would honestly recommend the USA based web hosts over the Aussie ones. And this is coming from an Aussie himself. I do not think, in all honesty, that the Aussie hosts can compete on price, reliability, and scale. They just do not have the same level of resources as the big USA hosting companies. And, in the end you should be most concerned about price and reliability when it comes to your small business web hosting. Whether you run a service business, like a carpentry shop, or an ecommerce type business with customers online, the credibility of your business is going to be reflected in the quality of your website and the reliability of your web hosting. Do not under sell the importance of quality partnerships when it comes to your digital marketing. And do not sentimentally choose Aussie based servers that are below the benchmark.

Mount Barker Plumber

Just wanted to post up a shout out to our Mount Barker Plumber. We are new to the area and we were recommended a good Plumber Mount Barker in Michael, and he was awesome. Very reasonably priced and very friendly and professional. Mount Barker Plumbing Services and Mount Barker Plumber are his specialties and we agree that when it comes to emergency plumbing and plumbing maintenance he is a great choice. He works around the Adelaide Hills, near Strathablyn aswell as Mount Barker. His number is on the site, and he can always be reached. Thanks Michael.

Web Hosting Australia

Hey Guys. As you know I only recently got the blog back online. And this time I decided to do it right. I got my own self hosted wordpress setup. And I got my own web hosting. Deciding which web host I wanted to use was an interesting process. I used a number of review sites to help make the decision, the best being I made my choice based on a balance of affordability and reliability. Bluehost was the company I chose. I think it is important to have your own hosting if you run a serious blog. You can only get so far with blogger,, and tumblr. However, I do agree that tumblr is a totally different situation. And, for me self hosting my own wordpress blog was crucial to take it to the next level. I hope you will leave a comment and strong opinion in the comments below and let me know whether you use self hosting for your blog, and if so which company you went with and why.